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A puzzle of wordplay and solemnity with literary and figurative edges. To put it together please consider the measure and pith of each piece.

"Original and quality magazine.

Heavy on quirk."*

This magazine supports freedom of expression. That being said, there are unwritten guidelines of integrity and sanity to which Wood Coin adheres.

Some readers see the wallpaper behind the pieces in certain [issues] as too intense. To avoid that, simply click on the author's byline for a text-only PDF.

For bios of artists, poets, writers included in Wood Coin, see the [contributors] page.


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Although these 18 issues complete a set, and this magazine is on hiatus, another 18 issues remain in the works, to debut sometime in 2018. Feel free to [contact] Wood Coin with short prose, verse or visual art for a complimentary analysis and consideration for the next set of 18 issues.

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Visual art & text (c) 2008 – 2013 Wood Coin.

Images on Welcoming pages (c) 1981 Joe Ruggiero, Found Objects.

Rights revert to the writer or artist upon publication.

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ISSN: 1946-4320.James K Beach

Publisher: James K Beach

ON HEADS: With its debut in 2008 Wood Coin flagged issues that, god help us, the media has since spread. Over the years Wood Coin also made men horny, or made people feel love; some readers dented shells coming out about whatever.

ON TAILS: Though the seminal issue of Wood Coin scored highly, art and philosophy are clinging to the drain in 'America'... Corporate predators use the media to program society against political free-thinking, and their victims usually are ignorant or quiet.<

ON RIMS: As Wood Coin, or any coin, flips, a controversy might arise over it being a disc or a sphere; equality in weight distribution keeps us watching. Fortunately physics, even in our supernatural dreams, as we take our exams, keeps the world in motion.

WARNING: Flip At Own Risk!

*review quote: Cartwheels Collective, 2009